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Stainless Steel Motorsport Fabrication

Rogue Performance SA’s heart is found deep in stainless steel motorsport fabrication, committed to delivering, innovative and quality motorsport fabrication products, we have dedicated a lot of time to mastering what we do. From a custom performance exhaust, custom boost-pipes to our range of Rogue Performance Downpipes that are available off the shelf, we are able to assist and deliver according to your requirements.Our goal is to always deliver great customer service and leave you on the road, more than satisfied, standing out from the rest! Team Rogue has put in months of development, and will continue to do so in the future to ensure we are always up to date, so that our performance exhaust systems and mufflers are the best in local market.Specializing in 304L Stainless Steel, we choose to only use this grade of steel, due to how resistant it is to corrosion and other natural elements.
304L Stainless Steel allows for us to fabricate motorsport products that have a longer lifespan compared to your average motorsport products. Whilst keeping our quality at a high standard, we ensure that our products are fabricated to enhance air-flow, by keeping the air-flow smooth and direct without interferences to disturb air-flow.Striving with passion and dedication, our goal at Rogue Performance SA is to be the pioneer and at the forefront of the local market in South Africa, not only by fabricating great motorsport products will we achieve this, we are dedicated to offering the best service and after-service to the best of our ability to ensure you, our customer, are satisfied in all aspects when dealing with us.


Personalised Service & Quality Workmanship

The Rogue Performance SA team is one that you can trust and rely on; working together we deliver quality and top class workmanship. We strive to develop long-lasting and trusted relationships with our customers. This achieved through advanced solutions, personalized service, and awesome end-results. Rogue Performance SA is your trusted motorsport fabrication solution.