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The Streetwize-Tuning team is passionate about vehicles, and the one thing we all have to do is look after our cars. Below are a list of car maintenance tips to help you avoid common car repairs.

Old or Dirty Spark Plugs

This is the 6th most common vehicle problem. If you do not replace an old or dirty spark plug, this causes ignition coil and massive engine problems. Make sure you know the condition of your spark plug. Repairing your spark plug is not an expensive venture, so don’t be frugal about this. It will cost you a lot more if you don’t see to it.

Check that engine light

There are hundreds of potential problems that the ‘check engine’ light indicates. Technicians are able to find what is causing this problem, most of the time the light signals a loose or damaged gas cap, so don’t stress, just get it checked!

Oil Changes

3000 – 6000 mile range for an oil change if your car takes conventional oil.
8000 – 10 000 mile range recommended for an oil change with synthetic oil.
Severe engine problems will occur if this is neglected.

Tire Care

Get your tires checked and make sure they are properly inflated. Tires that are not maintained are likely to blow out and become flat quickly.

Brake Work

Brake pads usually last tens of thousands of miles. Neglecting your brake work will increase stopping distance and you risk serious brake failure. By replacing your brake pads before they wear our will save you money and hassle.