Performance Exhausts


Performance Exhausts

Rogue Performance Exhausts

Rogue Performance SA’s foundation was laid based on passion and with only one goal, to be the pioneer and at the fore front in local performance exhaust system market found in South Africa. Rogue Performance Exhaust Systems are available to all vehicle brand owners; we are able to fabricate a performance exhaust system for the majority of vehicles available on the market. We are determined to develop and build performance exhaust systems that leave our customers with an excellent end product.

Rogue Performance SA’s choice of material that is used to fabricate our performance exhausts and majority of our motorsport fabrication work is 304L Stainless Steel. 304L Stainless Steel is extremely resistant to corrosion caused by water as well as other natural elements. It is also less affected by heat, which leaves our exhaust systems with fewer discolourations to the average performance exhaust system.

Rogue Performance Exhaust Systems are built on key aspects, reliability, quality, performance and a great look of the exterior of our Rogue Performance Exhaust System, although these are very valid key points when it comes to a performance exhaust system, the most vital key point is how air flow is achieved and flows throughout our Rogue Performance Exhausts or any fabrication work that we do that involves air-flow, any internal disruption to air-flow within a performance part is no longer doing the purpose it was built for. Clean piping and neat welds are required to achieve this. We dedicate hours into fabricating and welding to ensure our end product belongs in the motorsport industry.

We can guarantee our customer’s that with a Rogue Performance Exhaust System, you are receiving an exhaust system that is build based on precision and high quality grades of materials.

We have always put our customers first, and value your support, we are dedicated to ensuring that when you deal with us you receive service better than you expected, not just on your first encounter, this includes our after service.

Rogue Performance SA, is not your ordinary motorsport fabrication, or exhaust shop, we create a family, and would like to you welcome you to #TEAMROGUE!

Why Us

Rogue Performance Exhausts

Our foundation was built based on passion and with only one goal, to be the pioneer and at the fore front of the South African performance exhaust market. We are able to assist all vehicle brand owners with bespoke performance exhausts, with this we will continue to design and develop professional motorsport products.

Our choice of material is 304 stainless steel, this material is extremely resistant to corrosion caused by water and other natural elements, we have also found that this material is less affected by heat, which results in fewer discolourations compared to the average exhaust system.

We keep all important factors in mind, we ensure reliability, professional workmanship, and smooth flow to ensure our motorsport products are kept at high level for what they are known for.

We value all of our customers support, and are dedicated to ensuring that your first encounter with us won’t be your last.

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Why Us

Exhaust Repairs

A team built on professionals and experience, besides from our Performance Exhaust Systems, we are able to cater to the public and the cooperate world with exhaust repairs. In the hands of Team Rogue, a team of professionals, we are able to assist you with an exhaust repair that your vehicle may require.

Are you experiencing a loss in power from your vehicle? Is there a rotten egg odor coming from your exhaust? It could be that your vehicles catalytic convertor, has failed you, it would be best to have this issue sorted before any further damage is caused to the motor internally which will cause repair costs to be a whole lot more. Team Rogue is able to offer you two solutions to rectify this issue, we can fit a replacement catalytic convertor or have the catalytic convertor removed, generally known as a de-cat.