Rogue Performance Valvetronic Exhausts

South Africa’s Kings of the Game of Tones…

Rogue Performance SA was South Africa’s first motorsport fabrication shop, to successfully do R&D and complete a Valvetronic Exhaust to serve its purpose in house. South Africa’s first vehicle to have a fully-fledged Valvetronic Exhaust was developed, fitted and tested on our own shop car, our infamous Audi 8v S3 Sedan. After developing and testing our 11th Valvetronic muffler design, we finally hit the jackpot, and achieved our goal. Our Valvetronic Mufflers are all designed in house, which allows us to alter certain aspects of our mufflers as we please.

The valves used, are electronic, which is wired up to our Valvetronic Control Module, which allows you to operate the valves via a wireless remote-control kit, literally bringing you the best of both worlds at the touch of a button. Valves open and you have a brutal performance exhaust that is capable of maximum flow and power output from your vehicles exhaust, close the valves and go to Church on a Sunday unnoticed, you will experience an exhaust note as close to oem as possible. Our Valvetronic Exhaust option is the favourable option in today’s modern world and is the future of exhaust systems. We can assist with majority of vehicle brands, get in touch today for a quotation.